Programme Brief

Mission ABC (Asthma, Breathlessness and COPD)

Mission Asthma, Mission COPD and NHSIQ Breathlessness all demonstrated significant reduction in key measures of healthcare utilisation. MISSION ABC will build on the successes of these three projects, embedding a robust model of care that will imp... Find out more >

MISSION COPD: Modern Innovative Solutions to Improve Outcomes in COPD

MISSION COPD was modelled on the similar format used by the Wessex Asthma Network project MISSION Asthma, and again was delivered by the respiratory team at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Supported by an 'Innovation for Improvement' award from th... Find out more >

MISSION Severe Asthma – Modern Innovative SolutionS to Improve Outcomes In Severe Asthma

‘MISSION’ is a Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Innovation project that aims to reduce the length of time before uncontrolled asthma is recognised and treated thus improving patient experience and reducing costs.In line with recommendations... Find out more >

British Lung Foundation: COPD – Patient Education Programme (C-PEP)

C-PEP aims to deliver a sustainable, evidence based programme of education for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which will result in a reduction of the impact of the disease on the health of the individual and the finances ... Find out more >

Isle of Wight Free Steroid Inhaler Pilot Project

Patients are empowered to improve the quality of their care through a simple contract that requires them to comply with an annual treatment plan in return for free steroid inhaler prescriptions. Primary care GPs, Asthma Specialist Nurses and Commu... Find out more >

Owning My Asthma (14-19 year olds) – enhanced self management

The aim of this project is to develop and evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a comprehensive web-based self-management support for 14-19 year olds living with asthma. The self-management support tool will be developed to enable symptom ... Find out more >

NHS Improving Quality (NHSIQ) Breathlessness Project

Using GRASP COPD audit tool and Asthma case-finding tools to find undiagnosed breathlessnessWessex AHSN is one of three selected national test sites for NHSIQ, leading the way in testing the suite of GRASP case-finding tools to find patients with ... Find out more >

Case-finding for COPD & Asthma

Wessex Academic Health Science Network, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and CLAHRC Wessex (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care) all succeeded in the earlier identification and diagnosis of Chronic Obstr... Find out more >

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