Reducing Harm from Alcohol

Programme Brief

ARLD Patient Identification and Treatment Toolkit

The aim of the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (Wessex AHSN) is to improve health and weal... Find out more >

ARLD Acute Admissions Project

Liver disease is the only major diseases in the UK with a rising death rate. People with liver di... Find out more >

Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers intervention is improving the alcohol specific health literacy of healthcare st... Find out more >

Baseline Project

Working with Public Health we have pulled together a baseline from which we can understand the im... Find out more >

Our work with Soberistas

Are we drinking too much at home? We are working in partnership with Soberistas - an online commu... Find out more >

Drink Informed

The aim of the project is to empower and support clinical staff in a variety of settings, to enab... Find out more >

Brief Treatment Pathway

Those of us drinking at increasing and higher risk levels have few options available for help and... Find out more >

Getting to Grips with Alcohol Conference 2016

On Wednesday, 30 January 2016, we held our Getting to Grips Alcohol conference. This page contain... Find out more >

Integrated Treatment for ARLD: Making it happen. 2017

The Reducing Harm from Alcohol Programme has been running for two years and has a focus on alcoho... Find out more >

Reducing Harm from Alcohol: Creating Lasting Solutions 2018 Meeting

The Reducing Harm from Alcohol Programme has been running for 3 years and has a focus on alcohol ... Find out more >

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