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Meet Mo

Meet Mo. Mo is just like the rest of us. The 'Meet Mo' campaign has been produced to encourage pe... Find out more >

Transfers of Care Around Medicines (TCAM)

Transfer of care around Medicines – ensuring support with medicines for patients leaving hospita... Find out more >


Polypharmacy simply means many medicines.  As we are living longer with more chronic and long-ter... Find out more >

Conference Report: 'Tackling Polypharmacy: Stopping Medicines Safely'

To address the increasing challenge of inappropriate polypharmacy, clinicians are being encourage... Find out more >

Polypharmacy - What Next? (Planning for Wessex)

Wessex AHSN has been leading the development of Polypharmacy Comparators which will enable us to ... Find out more >


In 2017 the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medicatio... Find out more >

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)General Practice is facing unprecedented demand from patients a... Find out more >

Self Administration of Insulin in Hospital

Supporting patients to administer their own insulin when in hospital will facilitate self care, i... Find out more >

Safer use of Magnesium Sulfate injection in hospitals

Magnesium sulfate injection is used in critical or emergency situations such as when treating ecl... Find out more >

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Wessex AHSN and Clinical Research Network launch new technology support programme

Wessex Clinical Research Network (CRN) and Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) hav...

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