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Please find below a database of innovations currently on a nationally prioritised scheme for spread and adoption. Schemes included are ITT, ITP, NIA, AAC and National Programmes which you can find more out about here. You can browse the innovations using the categories below or by searching for a specific keyword. Innovations are added regularly so please check back again.

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Preventing prescribing errors with PINCER. Find out more >

Transfers of Care around Medicine (TCAM)

Ensuring support with medicines for patients leaving hospital. Find out more >

Placental Growth Factor (PIGF)

Diagnostic devices to aid in the identification of preeclampsia Find out more >

PCSK9 inhibitors

For treatment of primary hypercholesterolaemia and mixed dyslipidaemia. Find out more >


Device to treat cluster headaches Find out more >

Safe Steps

Reducing the number of preventable falls in the ageing population through digital, evidence-based interventions Find out more >


Digital platform and app improving operational effi ciencies in hospitals Find out more >


Patient-driven online preoperative assessment Find out more >

Patient Experience Platform (PEP)

AI platform transforming healthcare and improving safety by empowering the digital voice of patients Find out more >


Solving the problem that vulnerable patients have in reaching, lifting or holding drinks and helping prevent dehydration a... Find out more >

Health Navigator

AI-guided proactive health coaching to prevent avoidable urgent and emergency care Find out more >


Software that enables people with learning disabilities to share personal health and care information for effective person... Find out more >


A test using objective measures to speed up ADHD diagnosis and treatment evaluation Find out more >

Locum’s Nest

Award-winning software platform aiming to solve the staffing crisis through total workforce mobility by connecting healthc... Find out more >

Management and Supervision Tool (MaST)

Dashboard that uses predictive analytics to generate insights which support staff to deliver high quality effective mental... Find out more >


FibriCheck makes the detection of heart rhythm disorders possible with a smartphone or smartwatch using the clinically val... Find out more >

Acurable - AcuPebble SA100

AcuPebble SA100 is the first medical device in the world to obtain CE mark for the automated diagnosis of sleep apnoea whi... Find out more >


Providing services for the earlier detection of disease through proprietary machine learning and digital pathology infrast... Find out more >


Vinehealth’s platform uses behavioural science and AI to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients throu... Find out more >


The Feebris mobile-based software platform, powered by AI, helps users (clinical or non-clinical) to detect and triage det... Find out more >

Definition Health

Definition Health is a digital pre- and post-op communications tool between hospital and patient, providing an end to end ... Find out more >

KI Active

KiActiv is a mentor-guided digital therapy which enables patients with long term conditions and those on rehabilitation pa... Find out more >

Infinity Health

Infinity by Infinity Health is a digital platform on which staff log, share and coordinate their daily care tasks in real-... Find out more >

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS)

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) scales the training and recruitment of healthcare professional by delivering interactive, ... Find out more >


Oxehealth’s Oxevision is a contact-free vision-based patient monitoring platform for use in hospitals. Find out more >

Little Journey

Little Journey is a health behaviour modification tool designed to reduce children’s anxiety before a healthcare procedure... Find out more >


Brain in Hand is a digital self-management support system for people who need help remembering things, making decisions, p... Find out more >

MUTU Systems

MUTU System is an evidence-based online programme for mums to gain confidence and control in how their body works and feel... Find out more >

FeNO testing

A Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) test is a way of measuring the amount of nitric oxide in an exhaled breath. This ... Find out more >

Asthma Biologics

Asthma biologics can transform patient lives by reducing asthma attacks, asthma-related hospital admissions and long-term ... Find out more >


A digital health software solution for GP surgeries that sits on top of existing electronic healthcare record systems extr... Find out more >


A CE certified AI-enhanced Clinical Reasoning Platform supports frontline healthcare professionals to diagnose, order inve... Find out more >


A digital platform providing diabetes awareness, education, training and support to families and their communities, and, a... Find out more >


An evidence-based digital self-management platform for all common musculoskeletal conditions that helps to provide digital... Find out more >

Hear Glue Ear

An affordable solution for the most common type of hearing loss in childhood: glue ear. A headset helps support hearing an... Find out more >

Maxwell Plus

Maxwell Plus is a breakthrough technology in diagnosing prostate cancer early by analysing patients’ blood, demographic an... Find out more >

The Real Birth Company

The Real Birth Digital Workshop™ is a multi-language birth preparation resource providing interactive, user friendly, anim... Find out more >


Thalamos’ eMHA software provides an end-to-end digital pathway for the Mental Health Act. Working with NHS Trusts and Inte... Find out more >

UNEEG medical

The 24/7 EEG™ SubQ is a CE marked subcutaneous implant and external recorder solution that allows for continuous EEG monit... Find out more >

Written Medicine

Software enabling clinicians at the point of prescribing/dispensing/discharge to print instructions, warnings and informat... Find out more >


A safe, secure messaging service connecting young people and parents with healthcare professionals Find out more >

Digital Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessment Process

A software innovation improving quality and productivity in Continuing Healthcare (CHC) teams Find out more >


Intelligent hydration aid which combats dehydration by monitoring the frequency of drinking and providing instant verbal a... Find out more >


Secure app that lets you order NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to your door Find out more >


Non-invasive coronary artery image analysis and modelling for diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Find out more >

Low Carb Program

Digital behaviour change platform for people with type 2 diabetes Find out more >


Software that turns physical and cognitive exercises into video games Find out more >


A free app enabling mums to instantly become part of their local mum community, to seek advice, arrange meet-ups and to ma... Find out more >

Population Genetic Testing

Model of care for testing populations to identify individuals at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancers because they ca... Find out more >

PrecisionPoint™ Transperineal Access System

Urology device that provides systematic and targeted transperineal prostate biopsies under local anaesthetic Find out more >

S12 Solutions

An app and website which connects Approved Mental Health Professionals with Section 12 approved Doctors Find out more >


Alternative solution for securement of PICC lines avoiding movement or dislodging at insertion site Find out more >

Skin Analytics

AI algorithms that can analyse a dermoscopic image of a skin lesion helping clinicians to identify skin cancer Find out more >


An app empowering people to monitor their skin for early signs of skin cancer Find out more >


Digital sleep improvement programme clinically proven to overcome even long-term poor sleep Find out more >


Minimally invasive alternative to the TURP procedure for benign prostatic hyperplasia Find out more >


Digital tool providing mental health support and training services to health professionals and patients at scale Find out more >

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