Innovation Type: Care Model


Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

Pathway reducing post-operative pulmonary complication (PPC) risk by preparing patients for and recovery from major surgery

ERAS+ puts patients at the centre of their own care, as they prepare to undergo surgery. The pathway provides advice and structure for training on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and oral healthcare information to help patients play a more active role in preventing post-operative pulmonary complication (PPC), with a focus on the 6 weeks prior to and the 6 weeks after surgery.

ERAS+ provides bespoke educational tools, including information videos and the multi-disciplinary led 'Surgery School', where healthcare professionals provide groups of patients with enhances preparation for major surgery.

Where implemented, ERAS+ reduced PPC by over 50% and reduced post-operative hospital length of stay by 3 days.

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