Innovation Type: Patient Self-management


Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

App offering people with breast cancer personalised medical information, enabling them to record their experiences in real time.

When diagnosed with cancer, a person's life is turned upside down. There is a lot of anxiety and confusion about the treatment, the outcomes, how to cope and even survive.

OWise is the first mobile app and website to offer people with breast cancer personalised medical information throughout their treatment. OWise allows people to record in real time their experiences, including side effects and overall quality of life, and collates - for research purposes - fully anonymised patient reported outcome (PRO) data with a view to improving clinical outcomes for cancer. Patients can also receive information about their condition and wellbeing as well as helpful tips on topics to discuss with their doctor. This empowers patients and helps create a platform for personalised treatment.

For more information, please visit: http://www.owise.uk/

Available on the NHS App Store
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