Skin Analytics

Innovation Type: Diagnostic Software


Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

AI algorithms that can take a dermoscopic image of a skin lesion helping to identify skin cancer

By enabling dermatologist-quality screening in Primary Care within current appointment times and without the need for expensive equipment, Skin Analytics' solution supports:

  • More accurate identification of melanoma, leading to potentially better health outcomes and reduced treatment cost
  • Less onward referrals to secondary care, reducing strain on specialist clinics and lowering the cost of finding melanoma.
GP practices are provided with a dermascope and image capture device that can be used during consultation to capture an image of any pigmented lesions a GP would select for referral. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm identifies: suspected melanoma, common types of nonmelanoma skin cancer and benign (noncancerous) lesions.

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