Atrial Fibrillation

Innovation Type: Care Model


Innovation Origin: AHSN National Programme

Detect, protect, perfect. Best practice clinical pathways for diagnosis, treatment and medicines optimisation.

Based on proven best practice across the AHSN Network in recent years, 14 initiatives have been selected for spread and adoption through our national AF programme, supported by our community of practice of regional AF clinicians and managers to share learning and amplify impact.

Spanning the AF clinical pathway, our national programme is drawing on this shared experience and intelligence to ‘detect, protect and perfect’.

  • Detect - increasing the detection of AF through the use of manual pulse checks or mobile ECG devices. 
  • Protect - increasing anticoagulant therapy, in those diagnosed with AF and who are clinically indicated, to reduce the risk of stroke through the use of specialist anticoagulant pharmacists.
  • Perfect - optimising anticoagulation therapy in people newly diagnosed and those with existing AF.

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