Endocuff Vision®

Innovation Type: Medical Device


Innovation Origin: NHS England's ITP

A bowel scope device which provides increased visibility, flexibility and stability during colonoscopy

Endocuff Vision is an attachment for a colonoscope that provides increased visibility, flexibility and stability during a colonoscopy procedure to help spot and remove adenomas and diagnose bowel cancer earlier. 

During scope insertion, the arms of the device lie flat against the colonoscope, enabling easy passage of the instrument through the colon. When it is withdrawn, the arms fan out, which straightens and flattens the colon.

It is intended that the device helps to:
Visualise any lesions on the proximal side of colonic folds
Keep the colonoscope centred within the lumen to provide a panoramic view of the colon
Control withdrawal to avoid sudden slip back, ensuring the complete mucosal surface is examined
Control the tip of the colonoscope to support therapeutic procedures
Manage/straighten out loops during examination.

NICE technology guidance MT509 is expected to be published in early 2019.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ahsnnetwork.com/innovation/innovation-technology-payment-itp/endocuff-vision-itp-product-information/

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