Innovation Type: Diagnostic Software

Innovation Origin: NHS Innovator Accelerator (NIA)

FibriCheck makes the detection of heart rhythm disorders possible with a smartphone or smartwatch using the clinically validated photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, with proven ECG accuracy.

FibriCheck is the world’s first medically certified app (CE Class IIA, FDA approved) capable of the early detection of heart rhythm disorders, such as atrial fibrillation (AF), using a smartphone or smartwatch. The application turns heart rhythm monitoring into an at-home solution that can be used by anyone at any time, without the need for extra hardware.

Users' data are available on demand for clinician's via a secure dashboard, and summary reports allow for effective clinical decision making by healthcare professionals. FibriCheck enables more efficient care and follow-up of symptomatic patients along with an effective (pre)screening of higher-risk patients.


·        450,000 users in 43 countries

·        16,100 cases of atrial fibrillation and 18,000 arrhythmias detected from over 4.5M reviewed heart rhythm measurements 

·        Highly cost effective (cost per QALY <5k) in untargeted digital pre-screening, with the expectation to be cost-saving in targeted pre-screening

21st January 2021 - FibriCheck recognised in guidance for AF detection and management. The guidance comes in response to the surge in adoption of digital health technology solutions by provider organisations looking to address non-COVID related care needs and was released by the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT), and the Oxford Academic Health Science Network.

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