What was delivered in 2020-21?

We urgently pivoted our Insight team’s expertise to support the pandemic response, including rapidly evaluating telemedicine services and an online mental health service, the findings of which informed decisions on commissioning and further funding.

  • We worked alongside nine local health and care systems to capture 'rapid insights’ into the challenges and learning from Covid-19, involving 442 participants from Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Dorset and the south west region. This work helped people to plan for the future, understand a diverse set of views, and accelerate a learning culture.

  • We collaborated with City University and South West AHSN to describe the approaches to spread and adoption used by the 15 AHSNs and made recommendations for the AHSN Network. 143 staff participated in this study.

  • We supported local trusts with demand and capacity modelling for Covid-19 services.

  • We launched our Innovation Insight Library, which contains 63 reports and widely disseminated learning at national events. Some of these reports were written prior to 2020-21 - with 14 published within this year.

  • The team was awarded two evaluation commissions: an AHSN Network collaborative study of spread and adoption approaches; and a West of England AHSN Futures programme of innovations to improve mental health and resilience in young people.


Feedback from partners after Rapid Insight events:

“[The programme] brought our system together with a shared appreciation of what has happened. Provided some qualitative data on what has worked and why. Enabled people to reflect on what they want to keep going forward.” 

“The rapid insight work enabled us to understand a really diverse set of views and brought us together as a system around some very concrete shared experiences. It has accelerated our culture of learning together as a system.”

“It provided a forum for honest reflection and discussion and allowed us to come up with some common areas that we must take forward. The easy and relaxed style broke through the usual hierarchy we encounter, and everyone was able to have a voice and participate which allowed everyone to contribute equally. It was a great session and has given us some clear areas of work to focus on together, as well as a new way of working to develop insights. Thanks to the team for leading us through this.”

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