Vicki Rowse

Senior Programme Manager

Vicki leads the Medicines Optimisation and Atrial Fibrillation programmes at Wessex Academic Health Science Network working closely with Clare Howard, clinical lead for Medicines Optimisation.

Prior to joining the AHSN Vicki spent 30 years working in paediatric nursing across a variety of settings. These have included work in tertiary centres, developing countries, the private sector and the community, and encompassed managing acute, long term and palliative conditions; collaboration through regional networks and supporting the education of children’s nurses.

Project management experience includes developing and managing a children’s palliative care service; running family planning and maternal death reduction programmes in Cambodia; developing a Bespoke Emergency Care Training programme for non-medical staff across Wessex, and quality improvement under a Transforming Community Services programme.

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Medicines Optimisation

This programme aims to help patients get the maximum benefit from their medicines and reduce waste.Our projects have the P... Find out more >