Reducing Harm from Alcohol

Programme Brief

Reducing Harm from Alcohol Final Report

The Reducing Harm from Alcohol programme has led to the development of a network of committed cli... Find out more >

ARLD Patient Identification and Treatment Toolkit

The aim of the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (Wessex AHSN) is to improve health and weal... Find out more >

ARLD Acute Admissions Project

Liver disease is the only major diseases in the UK with a rising death rate. People with liver di... Find out more >

Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers intervention is improving the alcohol specific health literacy of healthcare st... Find out more >

Baseline Project

Working with Public Health we have pulled together a baseline from which we can understand the im... Find out more >

Our work with Soberistas

Are we drinking too much at home? We are working in partnership with Soberistas - an online commu... Find out more >

Drink Informed

The aim of the project is to empower and support clinical staff in a variety of settings, to enab... Find out more >

Brief Treatment Pathway

Those of us drinking at increasing and higher risk levels have few options available for help and... Find out more >

Getting to Grips with Alcohol Conference 2016

On Wednesday, 30 January 2016, we held our Getting to Grips Alcohol conference. This page contain... Find out more >

Integrated Treatment for ARLD: Making it happen. 2017

The Reducing Harm from Alcohol Programme has been running for two years and has a focus on alcoho... Find out more >

Reducing Harm from Alcohol: Creating Lasting Solutions 2018 Meeting

The Reducing Harm from Alcohol Programme has been running for 3 years and has a focus on alcohol ... Find out more >

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