Category: Healthy Ageing

The Nutrition Wheel

This video shows a volunteer using the Nutrition Wheel with an older person attending a singing group in Southbourne, Dorset. The Nutrition Wheel is an interactive version of the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist. It is designed to provide a framework for starting a conversation about nutrition, to help identify people at increased risk of undernutrition and guide the user on basic advice and signposting to support the person to improve their nutrition.

ESCAPE-pain - River Park leisure centre

A Wessex leisure centre (River Park, Winchester) offers local people a chance to manage chronic pain and be more active.

INSCCOPe: Project Highlights Video

This video shows the highlights from the INSCCOPe project, a project run in partnership between Wessex AHSN, Bournemouth University and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. The project involved putting in place a new procedure around malnutrition screening and treatment within the community, and looked at the barriers and enablers to implementing this new procedure within Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. This video features team members sharing their experiences of the project and the benefits it has had on their patients.
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Patient data saves lives: The bigger picture

Today, in the age of digital communication and high-tech research, sharing data is more important than ever before. When the NHS was founded in 1948 things were quite different. Our medical records lived in dusty drawers, alone and unloved, with its life-saving potential untapped. Find out how patient data makes a difference at

All about the AHSN 2019

Bill Gillespie, the CEO at Wessex AHSN, explains the four key stages to support the adoption and spread of innovations, at scale, in the NHS.

How we connect academics, NHS, industry and others to bring fresh energy to old problems, inspired thinking to new ones and to spread innovation and best practice.

At Wesex AHSN we improve people's health, achieve excellence in healthcare and boost innovation and growth in our region's life sciences and healthcare sector.

Improving hydration in Hampshire County Council care homes

This 2-minute video aims to showcase a project to improve hydration in residents living in Hampshire County Council care homes. The project, piloted from April to December 2018 in 17 care homes, involved several aspects, including instigating hydration champions, training care home managers and hydration champions, using fun and creative ways to improve hydration and sharing good practice between homes.