Category: Patient Safety Collaborative

Sepsis and Deterioration Webinar

RCGP Wessex Webinar October 2018
We are joined by Dr Matt Inada-Kim Consultant Acute Physician, & Sepsis Lead, Hampshire Hospitals
National Clinical Advisor Sepsis (NHS England) & Deterioration (NHS Improvement)
Clinical Lead for Deterioration & Sepsis, Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative

Using a Community Open Space Event approach to design a Wessex Unconference

In an unconference the topics for discussion are set by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting and those who want to begin a conversation on a topic choose a time and a space.

Enhanced Health in Care Homes - New Care Models (NHSE)

William Roberts, National Care Homes Lead, New Care Models Programme, NHS England, shares learning from the care homes vanguards.

Patient Safety Briefing

Based on the concept of safety advice given on aeroplanes before they take off, patients in NHS hospitals can now be shown a film to help them look after themselves during their hospital stay.

The role of patients in the NHS

The role of, and vision for, patients in the NHS is discussed by staff and patient leads.

Don Berwick, MD - President Emeritus & Senior Fellow, IHI

Don Berwick talks about the AHSNs and PSC being crucial networks to make health care as safe as it can be. He acknowledges that the work is not easy and encourages boldness and courage.

He describes the AHSN/PSCs as one of the “largest patient safety initiatives in the history of the world” and shares the view that the secret of patient safety is learning together.