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How to use your sats probe

Welcome to the Virtual Covid Ward. This short video explains how to use the 'sats probe' (also called a pulse oximeter) we have given you to help us take care of you remotely.

This film has been produced by the TICC-19 Pathway team, a Covid-19 triage pathway developed at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Introduction to Inhealthcare for the CO@H Project

An introductory video from the Wessex AHSN Digital CO@H team introducing the Covid Oximetry @ Home service on the Inhealthcare platform

MyRenalCare: A new way of delivering renal outpatient care

Not just an app, but a new way of delivering your care. MyRenalCare allows you to monitor you, and your team to monitor you, remotely!

Information improves decision making. Whether your patient receives in centre dialysis or dialyses at home access to realtime information about their dialysis, how they are feeling, their concerns, and their immediate problems, empowers the clinical team to make better decisions for their patient. MyRenalCare provides access to large amounts of data in realtime, allowing clinical teams to make informed decisions and monitor the progress of their patients.

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85 year-old Maureen's Digital Journey

Cheryl Davies, Programme Manager, Healthy Ageing team, interviews Maureen and asks her about her digital journey during the Covid-19 pandemic.
These are the questions put to Maureen:
How did the pandemic affect you?
What significant changes did you have to make?
1. Why did you get an iPad?
2. What did you know about this technology?
3. What did you think an iPad would do for you?
4. Did you have any initial anxieties about using it, what were they if you did?
5. What do you use the iPad for whilst at home?
6. Has your iPad improved your life?
7. Now that we’re no longer in such a crisis, what is your motivation to use your iPad?
8. What advice would you give to older friends about using technology?
9. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

FeNO Learning Collaborative - 12/10/2021

A series of online events bringing together healthcare professionals from across the country who are currently using FeNO, are in the process of implementing testing or are interested in/planning to do so.