Category: Telehealth and Telecare

Webinar: Virtual ward with pulse oximetry - full version

Supported by Wessex Local Medical Committees and led by Dr Matt Inada-Kim (HHFT) and Dr Karen Kirkham (Dorset CCG), this webinar offers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of four pilot sites and understand how this approach could be used to support service development.

Big data in health and care event: ‘using data to gain new insights’

This video is a summary of the Big Data event held on 19 April 2016 at St Mary's Stadium, Southampton.

The Big Data conference, chaired by Richard Samuel, (Hampshire and IOW STP lead) provided an overview of Big Data from experts within the field, as well as practical examples of how Big Data is being used to improve the way services are delivered.

Innoserv films an online system of self-management pain support

The Somerset Pain Management service is using a digital health system to enable patients to manage their long term pain.

The system has been developed by Know Your Own Health, an online system of self-management support, including:

- specific information on the health condition

- personalised self-management support

- telephone mentors and online peer support.

After Ruby: Introduction (Part One)

David Barrett and Dr Paul Rice provide an introduction to the topic and outline with the course will cover. There are two group exercises in this film:

1. What are the needs of people for care
2. Think of a piece of technology that has really met a need for you and one that has not been successful, list these and feedback to the group.

This film relates to units C1 and M1.

After Ruby: Definitions (Part Two)

This film defines the terminology around assistive technology, telehealth, teleconsultations and telecare. It provides the definitions that Rice and Barrett use throughout the course.

This relates to units C1 and M2.

After Ruby: The Context of Telehealth and Applications (Part Three)

Dr Paul Rice describes applications of telehealth within UK and USA particularly for patients with COPD, diabetes and CHF.

He explores the spectrum of telehealth and telecare and how services may develop into the future as the wellness and self-management agenda develops.