South West Region - Rapid Insight and Learning from Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Category: Rapid Insight

Date: 2021

This report describes the outputs of a Rapid Insight event, designed to capture the experiences and learning from the South West Region Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Programme during 2020/21.

The outputs are intended to inform future planning locally and with the group's permission, will be shared with others with an interest in the learning from Covid-19.

The findings are not conclusive but indicative of a complex landscape of interacting health services delivering high quality patient care at a certain time, within a certain region, and with a group of informed system leaders. Indicative findings are drawn from a limited set of data that was collected and analysed over a short timescale to enable rapid learning (April 2021). Responses to question 5 (is there anything else you would like to share have been included throughout the report.

The findings cannot be extrapolated to a broader population of users and/or applied to settings or contexts other than that described. Nor can it be assumed that the findings are applicable to a similar setting or context.

Participants in the study were not randomised and were staff members of the participating organisations.

For the purposes of service delivery decisions, these indicative findings should be used alongside other learning obtained from available service evaluation and research.

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