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How is the AHSN Network supporting the response to COVID-19?

Our partners across the NHS and social care are mobilising at scale in response to the developing... Find out more >

Deterioration and NEWS

Wessex PSC is working with organisations across Wessex to reduce harm related to physical deterio... Find out more >

Enhanced Health in Care Homes

Wessex PSC is working to implement a standardised common language for managing deterioration acro... Find out more >


RESTORE2TM is a physical deterioration and escalation tool for care/nursing homes based on nation... Find out more >

Care Home Training Resources

New online video based NEWS2 and Deterioration training for community and care home staffWessex A... Find out more >

Using Soft Signs to Identify early indications of Physical Deterioration

Neurological Soft Signs (NSS) have been used since the early 20th century to help Neuropsychologi... Find out more >

Community of Safety, Quality and Improvement Practice (CSQIP)

Wessex AHSN working with regional partners, including Health Education England (Wessex), hosts th... Find out more >

Quality Improvement Hub (QIHub)

Wessex PSC Quality Improvement Hub (QIHub) is a resource for health and social care staff using q... Find out more >

Patient Safety

The NHS Patient Safety StrategyThis The NHS Patient Safety Strategy describes how the NHS will co... Find out more >

Online e-Learning (OEL)

These online e-learning courses provide an introduction to Quality Improvement Methodologies as p... Find out more >

Safety Communications (inc. SBAR)

Wessex PSC is helping organisations across Wessex to reduce harm related to communication failure... Find out more >

Medicine Safety in Care Home Programme

Improving the safety of giving medicines to people living in care homesMedicines are a vital par... Find out more >


Wessex PSC is working with organisations across Wessex to reduce harm related to sepsis.         ... Find out more >

Patient Engagement - Working with Patient Partners (Co-Design)

Wessex PSC is working with patients and carers to ensure their voice is heard throughout all aspe... Find out more >

Maternity and Neonatal Care

Wessex Maternity and Neonatal Safety improvement Programme is part of a national initiative that ... Find out more >

Emergency Department Network

The Wessex Emergency Department Network meets regularly at different Emergency Departments across... Find out more >

Q (Wessex Q)

Opportunities to join the Q community are open! Q is an initiative connecting people who have hea... Find out more >

Safer Practice Framework

Safer Practice Framework The Safer Practice Framework is a self-assessment tool that can assist G... Find out more >

Scale Up 4 Safety

Wessex PSC is currently working with operational teams to support patient safety scale up project... Find out more >


PReCePT stands for the prevention of cerebral palsy in preterm labour. It was selected by NHS Eng... Find out more >

Emergency Laparotomy Collaborative

Emergency Laparotomy Programme (ELP) Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative and Wessex AHSN have ... Find out more >

Learning from Deaths in the NHS

Wessex AHSN is helping organisations across Wessex to learn from deaths of people in their care, ... Find out more >

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) discharge bundle project

What is COPD?Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a condition that affects all parts... Find out more >


The LIFE QI SystemLife QI is an online quality improvement (QI) platform that helps teams and org... Find out more >

WPSC Resources and Promotional Materials

This webpage includes a collection of resources and promotional materials produced by Wessex PSC ... Find out more >

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Evaluation of national health accelerator identifies key success factors in supporting adoption of innovations in the NHS

The key conditions essential for the adoption and spread of innovations in the NHS have been...

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