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Q Webinar series 13/7/2021

Q members and their teams discuss recent projects and highlight areas where QI methodology was utilised.

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RESTORE2mini - The Deterioration and Escalation tool for Care Homes and non acute Care Settings

A video presentation about RESTORE2mini for carers, trainers and managers. The video covers the three elements of RESTORE2 (Soft Signs, Recognising Normal and SBARD) and includes Case Scenarios showing the use of Soft Signs and SBARD. Video Timings Introduction 3:06 (Slide 8) Soft Signs 6:33 (Slide 23) Recognising normal 11:52 (Slide 30) Treatment Escalation Plans and Resuscitation 14:10 (Slide 33 Raising the Alert 16:31 (Slide 36) SBARD 17:26 (Slide 39) Scenarios 22:37 (Slide 45) • David 22:58 (Slide 46) • Molly 24:28 (Slide 49) • Simon 26:12 (Slide 52) • Charlie 30:11 (Slide 70) Additional Resources and Recommendations 33:12 (Slide 80) • HEE Videos 33:16 (Slide 81) • Wessex PSC webpages 34:24 (Slide 84) Versions and Acknowledgements 35:49 (Slide 86)

Launch of Wessex AHSN Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA toolkit)

Recording of the launch of Wessex AHSN Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA toolkit) event on 4th April 2022 by the Healthy Ageing Programme

How to use your sats probe

Welcome to the Virtual Covid Ward. This short video explains how to use the 'sats probe' (also called a pulse oximeter) we have given you to help us take care of you remotely. This film has been produced by the TICC-19 Pathway team, a Covid-19 triage pathway developed at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Wessex Acute Frailty Audit (WAFA) data in action - Final Collaborative Event 30 March 2022

Collaborative event bringing together Wessex Acute Trust audit leads and their working groups, looking to improve acute services for those 65+ living with frailty. The event aimed to share service improvement plans and identify 1-2 service improvement projects for Wessex AHSN to support, additionally providing an opportunity for networking and sharing of best practice.