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Mo’s Medicines - Electronic Repeat Dispensing

This is the third in the 'Meet Mo' campaign series. This video sees Mo join electronic repeat dispensing which cuts time for Mo, Mo's GP and pharmacist. General Practice is under considerable demand, and repeat prescribing is a significant part of GPs’ daily work load. Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) is an NHS service which has been shown to save GP time spent on repeat prescriptions, and to be more convenient for patients. As part of the work being done in Wessex to support the effective roll out of this valuable NHS service, Wessex AHSN has developed this short animation (the third in our meet Mo series) to help the public to be aware of the service, and its benefits. As with the past two “Mo” videos we have endeavoured to make the animation as engaging and lively as possible. The Electronic Repeat Dispensing service is intended for patients with a long-term condition, which requires repeat medicines, that do not change regularly. Their GP can authorise up to 12 months of such medicines. These prescriptions are stored electronically, and then dispensed and supplied to the patient by the patient's community pharmacist when they are needed. The patient does not have to request prescriptions from the GP during this period. To find out more about this service or to see the range of resources we have developed to support eRD see

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Don Berwick, MD - President Emeritus & Senior Fellow, IHI

Don Berwick talks about the AHSNs and PSC being crucial networks to make health care as safe as it can be. He acknowledges that the work is not easy and encourages boldness and courage. He describes the AHSN/PSCs as one of the “largest patient safety initiatives in the history of the world” and shares the view that the secret of patient safety is learning together.

All about the AHSN 2019

Bill Gillespie, the CEO at Wessex AHSN, explains the four key stages to support the adoption and spread of innovations, at scale, in the NHS. How we connect academics, NHS, industry and others to bring fresh energy to old problems, inspired thinking to new ones and to spread innovation and best practice. At Wesex AHSN we improve people's health, achieve excellence in healthcare and boost innovation and growth in our region's life sciences and healthcare sector.

Improving hydration in Hampshire County Council care homes

This 2-minute video aims to showcase a project to improve hydration in residents living in Hampshire County Council care homes. The project, piloted from April to December 2018 in 17 care homes, involved several aspects, including instigating hydration champions, training care home managers and hydration champions, using fun and creative ways to improve hydration and sharing good practice between homes.

Frailty Focus

Main campaign video for: Become a Frailty Friend and Champion here;


Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in Preterm Labour (PReCePT)