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Wessex AHSN Stakeholder Conference October 2015 - Innovation into Practice

Almost 150 delegates joined Wessex AHSN's executive, programme and clinical teams at St Mary's Stadium on 13th October to learn how we've been making a difference to people's health and supporting economic growth in the region's health and life science industries during 2014-15. Here's just a small selection of our achievements.

Introducing the TRIumPH (Treatment and Recovery In PsycHosis) care pathway

Wessex AHSN has worked with Imperial College Health Partners and Southern Health Foundation Trust to develop a best practice pathway for people with psychosis.

The TRIumPH (Treatment and Recovery In PsycHosis) care pathway promotes good clinical practice, and details the services that people experiencing psychosis can expect during different phases of their care.

Read more about the project by searching for psychosis in the News & Events section.

Mental Health: A Revolution in Psychosis Care

A new care pathway being developed aims to revolutionise the care of people with severe mental illness – and it has government backing.

People with psychosis currently die 15-20 years earlier than the rest of the population. It is hoped the new pathway will replicate the successes seen in stroke and cardiac care, where the right approach has transformed sufferers’ health and quality of life.

Clinicians and people with severe mental illness are working together on the development of the pathway, to ensure those with psychosis will receive the right support in the right place and at the right time. Wessex AHSN held an engagement event in November 2015 where eminent national speakers encouraged this pioneering approach.

Documentation Improvement Project: Sandra Walker

The Documentation Improvement Project was established to improve the level of communication and the standards of documentation in a mental health rehab unit, using the NMC Guidelines for Record Keeping and self-audit tools to drive out adverse effects on patient care.

This is one of a series of podcasts being created by Wessex HIEC to complement local Map of Medicine pathways. These pathways support GPs with appropriate guidance and timely management, investigations and referral of patients presenting in primary care with a range of conditions. The podcasts highlight key learning points around diagnosis and management.